Let there be Lighting


It seems as though the dark winter days are never going to end at the moment. With the majority of our time spent under the nights darkness, lighting our home is of the utmost importance. Creating the right mood with lighting is a fantastic way to encourage a warm atmosphere, as well as complete an aesthetic or style you have established within your home.

Finding the right lighting is no simple task, there are many boxes to tick. Whether you are looking for a beautiful table light to read by or an elegant pendant to sit above your dining table whilst you entertain, making sure your lighting complements your space can be difficult. Light quality, proportion, composition and form, are all elements to be considered. With so many beautiful designs on the market, House of Grey have put together a short list of some of our favourite creators and pieces for you to draw inspiration from.

Atelier Areti
Established by Austrian Sisters Gwendolyn and Guillan Kerschbaumer, Atelier Areti has a wonderfully elegant aesthetic. Their use of powder coated metals and polished brass combined with delicate, simplistic shapes gives their work a luxurious yet modest feel.


The Girlande Lamp, a truly unique fitting from the 2017 collection. Sculptural in form, this piece is both elegant and versatile, create a beautiful strip light with several running in a line.

The Deux Floor Lamp, from the 2015 collection. We love the delicate touch of brass, joining the two shades.

The Rhombus Wall light, 2017. (Image Source: Atelia Areti)

Magic Circus Éditions

Set up by Art School Graduate and Antiques Dealer, Marie-lise Féry, Magic Circus Éditions made its debut with Collection 01 at the 2016 Maison&Objets Paris Design Fair. Each piece is created by hand, every glass element hand-blown, giving the collection a really special feel.

Chandelier 08, inspired by musical scores, this beautiful piece draws from the 1950’s in design style, its aerial composition, gives a wonderful illusion as though it is spinning along to a tune.

Chandelier 11, An elegant Art deco inspired pendant.

Floor Lamp 06, a simple and elegant floor lamping, drawing from then modernist aesthetic of the 1920’s.

Image Source: Magic Circus Éditions

Muller Van Severen

Founded by design duo Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen, the Belgium based studio fully allow their artistic background to influence their practice within design. Looking above function, Muller Van Severen pay special attention to how a piece works within the space, and how it’s use can be elevated to its highest potential, both in duty and aesthetic.

Neon 2014, We love the playful nature of this piece.

Hanging Lamp 2011

Image Source: Muller Van Severen

Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

Multi disciplinary design studio Ladies & Gentleman Studio offers up a playful approach to design. With an exciting use of material and colour, we love the youthful aesthetic the Brooklyn studio creates. With a collection spanning, furniture, home accessories and jewellery, it is their lighting pieces that really stand out for us.

Kazimir- Sconce; Inspired by Russian Artist Kazimir Malevich, who’s abstract paintings , during the late 1800’s, were composed of layers of multiple shapes and colours.


Forward/Slash- Sun Dial Table Light; At first appearance the function if this piece isn’t obvious, but on closer inspection it is a simple composition made up of 3 basic elements, a base, a fulcrum and a light source.

Image Source: Ladies & Gentlemen Studio