Reform Cph – New Show Room, Aarhus, Denmark

Creating a space to display a product can be difficult, you do not want to retract from the item you are selling but you also want to place it in a setting that shows it at its best. Here at House of Grey we understand that a space needs to be ‘instagrammable’ and social media enticing. Utilising the tools of today’s society is so important when it comes to making yourself known. In our opinion Reform CPH are a prime example of how to do this correctly.

The brain child of Jeppe Christensen and Michael Andersen, Reform CPH, was conceived in 2014 when the co- founders recognised a growing interest in custom made carpentry whilst also acknowledging that the consumer didn’t always have a budget for hand crafting. Focussing on kitchens, the pair looked into taking an already popular and economically restrained product and turning it into a designer adaptation.

Using basic elements from flat pack giant IKEA, Reform CPH have designed a range of add ons to take a very familia product and turn it into something a little more special. Offering an addition service to improve existing IKEA kitchens. This idea of reducing waste by improving something you already own, as well as making design more accessible to the masses is an element that very resinates strongly with us here at House of Grey. To be able to reimagine an element of your home with minimal wastage of materials is not only kind to our earths resources but also leaves a feeling of accomplishment unlike that of starting a new.

With showrooms in Copenhagen, Berlin and New York, the latest addition to the Reform CPH portfolio is based in Denmarks second largest city, Aarhus. Sitting in the same building as the cities main train station, the Aarhus showroom offers quiet sanctuary from the buzzing centre.
Painted wall to ceiling in a calming grey, which blends beautifully into a raw concrete floor, the space offers a tranquil setting for Reform CPH’s distinct kitchen designs. Complemented by a collection of elegant design pieces, including a wonderful array of Muller Van Severen lighting from project supporter Valerie Objects. The showrooms high ceilings and exposed configuration gives a wonderfully airy and open feel.

All images Reform CPH Photography : Andreas Omvik

Written by Nina Lilli Holden