Wellness does not just translate to your mind and body, but extends to your home environment too. If you’ve ever noticed parallels between the state of your bedroom and the state of your brain, then these suggestions might do you and your space a world of wonder:

Promoting a calm environment
Creating a calm environment should involve every sense. At House of Grey, we have candles lit throughout the day releasing smells of pine, oak moss and violet. These calming scents all act as stress relievers, putting you in a healthy headspace as you ensue the days tasks. Music plays a huge part in creating a mood within a room. It is scientifically proven that melody releases a chemical within the brain also associated with being in love. Surrounding yourself with soothing music will keep you calm and relaxed, as well as improving concentration and productivity.

Image Credit: Perfumer H 

Digital detox and quiet times
According to research, one checks their phone on average 200 times a day, dedicating three weeks a year just browsing social media. We believe it’s so important to disconnect, even for a short amount of time a day. Ideally, take an hour with no digital devices- put your phone on airplane mode, have no tv playing in the background or radio coming from another room. Use this as quiet time to do something for yourself and get control back over your mind: meditate, read or paint within your calm environment.

Each space in your home should have a purpose in order to make the natural cycle of life flow. So, keep technological devices out of the bedroom and charge phones in another room. Use this space purely for relaxation and avoid interrupting your sleep to check the time or open a text and achieve balance.

Images Source: Atelia Dore

Light and air
Let light into your home and ventilate your environment. By creating clear paths for breeze to travel, the air and energy avoids becoming stagnant. Sunlight boosts serotonin levels and is crucial for general wellbeing, so allow in as much natural light as you can.

By creating a glass fronted space you create an extension of the outside world, allowing in maximum light. With doors that can fully open, air can circulate throughout the property, blurring the line between where nature ends and domesticity begins.

Image Source: Atelier AM

Natural materials in your home
Look around at the materials you invest in and surround yourself with on a daily basis. As humans, we’re inclined to appreciate nature and also feel calmer within it, so bring natural elements inside.

VOCS (Volatile Organic Compounds) cause negative health impacts and reduce indoor air quality. They can be found in a lot of paints and coatings, so consider what materials and finishes to use when decorating. Earthborn paints stock a great range of environmentally friendly products.

As well as making any room come alive, plants and flowers are well known for their environmental benefits for the home. As they provide a boost of energy, happiness and enthusiasm, whilst also being an effective way to reduce air pollution.

Image source: Gardenista 

Editing your home

If you imagine your home to be a reflection of your ideal state of mind, what would you want to see? Use this thought to reduce the chaos. What would inspire, motivate and bring you serenity? Personal items on display can help to create this mood, remind you of uplifting people and good memories whilst at the same time, injecting your own personality into a minimalist space. By changing around your items as often as you would like, you can create a sense of fluidity in the home, keeping it fresh and ever evolving.