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Wonderful Concept Store Finds In Antwerp

With so many beautiful design stores out there, we at House of Grey and Louisa Grey love stumbling upon something a little more special. Every now and then you come across a store that has put a little more thought into it’s concept and looks beyond just the aesthetic of its pieces, that is what we have discovered with two Antwerp based stores: Valerie_objects and Home Made Stories.

Created by Axel Van Bossche, who is the CEO of Serax, and Art Director Veerle Wenes, owner of the Valerie Traan Gallery, Valarie_Objects returns meaning above aesthetic to the tools and objects we use every day. The USP of Valarie_objects is that each designer is selected for their own exclusive design style; This is then nurtured and celebrated, with each piece designed, unapologetically capturing it’s creators approach.

The idea started with a set of cutlery, each contributor was asked to take their own stance on this very common, basic set of objects, and use their creativity to make a knife, fork and spoon. With eloquent designers such as Maarten Baas, Koichi Futatsumata and Muller Van Severen  involved, the outcome was a delicious set of elegant pieces, with not only a sense of depth behind the design, but a practicality supporting it.

From here, Valarie_objects has go on to produce furniture, accessories, lighting and textiles, with this same concept of celebrating signature style, and staying true to a designers aesthetic, thus creating a personal level to each piece created.

Image Source : Valarie_Objects

Home Made Stories was founded by design enthusiast Veerle De Clerk. Clerk’s interest in design materialised into Home Made Stories, a store that goes above sourcing attractive pieces and looks into the origins of each item. Whether sourced from Belgium or surrounding European countries, the Home Made Storiescollection has a strong sense of identity. Each piece is crafted from locally sourced materials, created with regional traditions and realised by native makers. Resulting in an eclectic collection of beautiful design featuring brands such as Skagerak, nanimarquina and Woud.

Image Source: Home Made Stories