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There’s something we’ve been keeping under wraps for a little while – House of Grey is moving. After 18 amazing years of working, sleeping and breathing the brand from our studio’s townhouse in Islington, it’s time to move on to bigger pastures and we can’t wait to see what the future brings in our new home.

From the outset we knew we had a big ask, we needed a multi-functional space – something which would be a home for our growing team while also encompassing the exciting new projects we have in the pipeline. But from the outset, it was to be a concept showroom, photoshoot location and most importantly our Studio. On top of this it also needed to represent our brand’s intrinsic values: calm environment using high quality materials, a nod towards the natural and durable and a space that nourished you the more time you spent there.

Introducing Archway Depot.

When we heard about a old saw mill located in north London, we knew we needed to develop our vision. This four storey, 19th Century building has vast open spaces, large arched windows and period details including brick piers and fine cast iron work. However, it was its imperfections which charmed us, arising over its 200 year lifespan and giving the space its unique character.

Location was fundamental in our search. North London has been our Studio’s home since day 1 and supporting local is deep-rooted in our daily approach (Our In The Neighbourhood exhibition is an example of this thinking), so Archway Depot fitted perfectly with our vision. To demonstrate just what an exciting creative place North London is, the Depot will house the works of some of our favourite local designers and makers, including: abstract artist Tycjan Knut, designer Natascha Madeiski, designer and maker Phil Cuttance, wood master Edward Collinson and the handmade textiles of Stitch by Stitch.

A workplace is much more than just an office to us. We’re so conscious of how much time we spend in our working environment on a daily basis, which is why it’s vital to create a space of calm that helps promote creative processes. With this in mind, both our studio space and the photographic studio have been designed using our Studio’s wellness design principles, which believe in creating meaningful spaces which are built to last. The location’s large open spaces, natural light and muted tones were the perfect canvas for this and we look forward to sharing them.

Archway Depot will become our home from the end of November. Watch this space to see the next chapter for House of Grey and Archway Depot.

Photography by Rory Gardiner

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